Options to wear this Holi

The month of March welcomes the festival of colours — Holi. So funny it is women begin shopping for all major festivals such as Diwali, Rakhi, and New Year’s so much in advance. Each woman wishes to look the best and stand out in the crowd during the festive season. The only exception to this list of festivals is the festival of colours — Holi. The ultimate festival to dance and play with colours and water calls for different attire altogether. You let your look take a beat! Isn’t that true?

Yes it is true that you don’t have to dress formally for this day. But what you wear surely matters. In fact you should be careful about a few things. Let’s discuss a few options to wear on this day and also a few points to be kept in mind.

What you wear depends on with who you plan to celebrate this day — Friends or family? If friends, dress the casual way and if family choose to look traditional. You surely don’t want your relatives to say “what are you wearing? Did you not know you will get wet?” The craze for Holi Parties increases the temptation to look great on this day also.

Few Tips to Keep in Mind:

Dress Just the Right Way – Fashion leggings with a nice cotton kurta or georgette kurta in bold prints and surely dark colours. Light shades are surely a big no! Salwars can be worn with long kurtis or tees. Be sure to pick a dark colour for sure! Essentially white is the colour for this day. Look pretty wearing a white kurta with a salwar or a printed white kurta and fashion leggings for women? Avoid wearing transparent clothes and also be sure to wear light coloured inner-wear.


Choose the Appropriate Picks ‒ the fabric of the apparel you carry matters. Also, be sure to wear loose clothes.



Accessorizing Options ‒ Wonder how you can accessorize. Keep aside the expensive accessories of your wardrobe and say Hi to the old glares in your wardrobe. This is the only way to look classy yet simple. Flats are the best option to wear. Wedges and heels are a big no no.

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Dress to amaze this Valentine’s Day

With February almost here, most girls are going to explore options of what to wear this Valentine’s Day! With celebrations beginning from 7th February, we are sure you want one new outfit each day. Let’s discuss a few options to consider for this important day.

We all know that Short dresses are sure a ‘no-go’ for a lunch or a dinner date no matter what age you fall in. What looks classy and sensuous are mid-length dresses. Stepping out for lunch? Consider wearing a printed skirt with a solid color mandarin neck shirt. Accessorize with a belt and a nice pair of earrings. Evening wear picks include lace dresses, linen ruffle dresses, deep back with bow dresses in shaded of red, black and other pastel shades.lace 1

Complete the look by wearing nice pair of heels or wedges whatever you are comfortable in. If going for a lounge party or a bar, be sure to wear high heels with fitted dress. Wedge heels are a good option to wear to a Casual dinner.

We must all dress keeping in mind the occasion and the venue. If you have been asked for to an evening party and dinner date, be sure to know the style of the restaurant, lounge and bar before you plan your getup. It’s better to get an idea of what others might be wearing at the gathering than to dress entirely different and have all the eyes on you.

Dresses 1If stepping out for a full day out with your beloved, wear outfits that fits well at any place you visit. Great picks for such days include, fitted jeans paired with a nice boat neck top and a nice neck piece. Flats or ballerinas look nice during the day. Keep an extra pair of heels or wedges for the date night. Looks refreshing and glamorous!

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Colour Options for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost end of January and the beginning of valentine season which means everything around us will be in the colour red or pink. Most women in fact couples wear the colour red in this special day. Off course it symbolizes love and passion for each other. But is it necessity wear red apparel? Why not look different wearing a different colour and still symbolizing love!

  1. Animal Print: A good alternative to red, the print will surely make you stand out in the crowd. An animal print fitted dress or a top paired with high heels looks ravishing. What add to the look are subtle make up and a nice hair bun.SG389
  2. Purple Lace Dress: Aah! Add glamour to your date by wearing a bow tie lace dress in the colour purple. Not a colour of passion, but this colour symbolizes this colour symbolizes imagination and promises an elegant look to your attire. Accessorize just the right way and promise yourself a WOW look!AB105
  3. Black: Wearing a LBD or a gown in the colour black adds the flirty look to your attire. Fashion with a nice neckpiece and earrings. Don’t forget to put on a red lipstick and red heels!SG74
  4. Floral Dress: Dress up like a baby doll by wearing a knee-length floral print dress in Georgette or chiffon. A cute pony tail and wedge heels will surely attract your partner’s attention. Wear subtle make up and a bright lipstick.SG157

Would you prefer wearing the above colour options instead of the colour red? Off course, make sure to wear an accessory in the lovely colour to stick to the fashion norms. A charms bracelet with a gown or a dress simply looks fabulous.

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Options to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with our ideas of the best day and night outfits. Rule of thumb is not too bright and not too light! Too much might make you look tacky!

Date nights or casual day outs during the Valentine’s week attracts different options to wear. We thought of sharing a few options with you!

In Shades of red and pink pretty causal dresses or ladies tops are just the perfect picks to wear on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Out with your BFF’s or with your man standout by wearing a bright colour dress with a sexy back. Designed in georgette or lace fabric.
  2. Flirty Dresses such as the peplum dress or body fitted lace dresses give a chic style to your attire. They surely make you look glamorous.
  3. For the subtle lovers, look elegant wearing a printed Georgette top with a relaxed drape with fitted jeans. Style with high heels and a nice tote bag.
  4. If going clubbing that night target a sequence dress or a top and fashion with high heels.
  5. Options to wear to lunch include ruffle dresses in neon’s or white lace dresses. Simply classy and elegant!
  6. Print lovers can opt for floral print tops or shirts with fitted jeans or plain tops with floral skirts.
  7. Get that flirty look with short dress in floral or animal print. Style with high heels or wedges and a nice sling bag.


Must have accessories include high heels and smart neck pieces to style with plain tops. No date night is complete without sexy heels! Be sure to wear pink, black or red heels.

Don’t forget to wear red lipstick on the special occasion!

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What to wear with a Floral Print Skirt

The best tip in this case will be to follow the basics and wear simple tops and just accessorize accessorize!

Floral prints in skirts offer a subtle and classy look to your attire. They are designed in chiffon georgette fabrics and are knee-length. The safest best are chiffon skirts with lining as they offer a slim look to all body types. Post choosing the skirt you like, what matters next is the top you wear with it. The rule of thumb is never wear a printed top with a printed skirt. Two prints always clash and give an incomplete look to your attire.


Tops and styles to wear with floral skirts

  1. Camisoles: Solid color camisoles look great with floral skirts. Those designed in sheer fabrics offer a shiny look. Style with long neck pieces and stud earrings. Chappals or wedges offer elegance to the attire.skirt2
  2. Halter tops: Cotton halter tops with lace at neck offer a sexy look to your attire. A great option to wear to college or a casual day out with friends.
  3.  Tube tops: A great pick for petite girls! You can wear tube tops with long skirts. Color picks include black or navy!
  4. Sleeveless Tops: Designed in pastel shades and with a little lace work on them! Add feminine vibe to your look!
  5. Bow-Tie tops : The increasing craze for bow tie tops is surely understandable! They can be styled with leggings or skirts. You would surely want to wear them again and again! Typically designed in Georgette fabric.
  6. Tee shirts: Fitted v-neck tees are a great pick for casual daily wear. Generally meant for petite women.

The opposite rule applies when wearing a plain skirt. Solid color skirts typically look good when worn wit floral print boat neck tops or high-lows.


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How to Fashion Leggings?

The fashion industry has seen an increasing demand for leggings in the recent years. The fitted leggings worn by the Bollywood actresses of the 1980’s are back in vengeance and everyone from the fashion industry has shifted from the traditional churidars or jeans to the comfortable leggings.


Leggings are designed in cotton or polyester fabric with a little stretch ability. The daily wear leggings are designed in solid colors. However, with more and more girls wearing this accessory, they are being designed in various prints – floral and animal being our favorite. These days’ simple tops are fashioned with these catchy leggings and trendy neck pieces. Today we will share a few ideas about what is the best apparel to be worn with leggings.

  • Mini-Dresses -This is a great styling option for women of sizes L-XXL. A great way to wear short dresses is to style them with solid colour leggings. This is a good option to wear to work or simply for a causal day out. To complete the look, you can always tie a scarf around the neck or wear a simple neck piece.
  • Tunics - Considered to be the runaway favorite with leggings, most women favor leggings over churidars. They are roomy and comfortable. Knee-length tunics give an elegant look when fashioned with fitted leggings. They offer a slimmer look.
  • Long Shirts - Long shirts designed in cotton look great when worn with fitted leggings. Accessorize with a belt or a nice scarf around the neck. Jeans tend to be sticky during summers. Cotton lowers offer a nice look and look nice as well.
  • Kurtis - Most women these days wear leggings instead of churidars. The traditional picks have been replaced by former accessory. It is not necessary to that leggings can be worn only with cotton kurtis. Mix and match has been greatly accepted. For Example: A printed chiffon kurti in navy color with a hunch of white can be easily worn with white leggings. Complete the look by wearing pearl tops!


  • Other ways - Young women these days wear polyester tights with hip length loose tops typically the boat necks. During winters the accessorize with scarfs or stoles and long boots.

Go along the fashion trend and buy your leggings today! What you need to be careful of is the quality you pick. Most common are polyester and cotton modal as they give a great fit and are easy to wash and handle. Colour picks include the basic white and black! So order your tights today and adopt a comfortable way to wear lowers!

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Lovely Ways to Wear the Colour RED

Red is the colour of passion, love and energy. It is the one colour that must be in every woman’s wardrobe. This crisp and chic style colour can be worn in lovely ways.

  • The Red Suit — the daily wear suit in shades of red is a brilliant wardrobe staple. Designed in straight-fit, the suit offers an elegant look to your attire. The suit when fits well skims the body and drapes elegantly. Fashion with nice heels or flat chappals, a bindi and a nice shade of lipstick.

  • Traditional in Red — Combining traditionalism and fashion is the best thing ever! Invest in a pretty phulkari dupatta in the colour red and style with a basic kurti or wrap around your neck as a scarf to give a chic style to your look. Remember, traditional stuff looks the best at the end of the day.
  • Outstanding Party Wear — be the centre of attraction by wearing an outfit in the colour red and carrying yourself just in the perfect manner. Ethnic outfits such as Lehengas, Anarkali Suits, Gowns with Cape look party pretty. Don’t forget to style them with lovely earrings.

  • Catchy Eyes — we think smoky eyes look the best. Yes they do but more with western outfits. What looks the best is the dark pink eye shadow and the red lipstick. A bright lip gloss adds glamour to the attire.
  • Red Nails — your manicured nails would love to flaunt the colour red and embrace romance.
  • Accessories — Designer Earring for Women with red pearls or pearl tops designed in colour red go with simple kurtis or just suits. Long earrings look pretty when matched perfectly with the suits. They add a finishing touch to your look. Just the right accessory adds beauty to your attire.


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Apparel Options for Pear-Shaped Body

We are always tempted to buy the latest fashion. However, very few women these days take into account the fact that we look at our best when we dress according to our body shape and size. The choices available are many but what matters is we make the right purchase. Most women have a pear-shaped body these days whereby the widest part of the body is below the waistline and around the hips. The key to your dressing should be accentuating the top half. Wonder how can this be done? We thought of sharing a few tips that can guide you when you step out for shopping next time.

  • Colour Options — Wearing dark coloured bottoms offer a slim look to your attire. For example: zebra print skirts, or navy blue leggings that make you look thin.
  • Focus on Tops — the idea is to wear beautiful printed tops, designer kurtis and draw the attention towards what you are wearing on top. Colour picks can include pastel shades, floral or animal prints designed in different styles.
  • Neck type — for tops, styles such as the mandarin neck, boat neck, collars, simple V-necks look beautiful. For kurtis, the pan neck or deep round necks look pretty as well. Such necklines make you look thin and beautiful.
  • Tunics and Dresses — A-line kurtis, chiffon dresses and printed tunics offer an elegant look to your attire. These styles make you look slimmer and a bit taller. Accessorizing just the right way adds overall beauty.

Thus we see that playing around with different styles of tops and kurtis completes the perfect look. Stock up your closet with trendy womens top, accessories and kurtis in playful colours and prints. Tie scarfs and neckpieces or trendy earrings.

We at UPTOWNGALERIA offer ethnic wear and western wear apparel for women in all sizes. The size range typically includes S-XXL. Our apparel is designed in chiffon, georgette, cotton and crepe fabrics and promise a great fit to your look. Browse through our collection at www.uptowngaleria.com.

Building an Affordable Fashion Wardrobe

Every second girl has a confused look on her face when she opens her wardrobe each morning to take out clothes. The first thought that crosses her mind is öh man! I don’t have any clothes! Need to go shopping! Do you know an average woman spends 80% of their earnings on clothes and still think they do not have anything good to wear? Doesn’t seem weird? The catch here is that those 100+ clothes lying in your wardrobe can be worn to any occasion given they are styled and fashioned properly. Every season we have at least 3-4 tops and accessories that we would want to wear again and again. The rest lay like showpieces. Don’t you think with a few good styling ideas your look will be beautified? One must be sure of what to buy! Think before buying, Will I wear this? Am I buying this because I so totally like it or just because it’s a good deal?

Everyone one knows the styles in western wear or women ethnic wear that suit your body shape and personality. With the plenty of options available in the market, think 3-4-5-6-7 countless times of the colours, prints, styles, and fabrics you pick. Let us quickly discuss a few tips that might be of help when you step out for shopping next time. They might be good in reorganizing your closet and ensuring that the clothes in there will be surely worn by you and not be hanging around and be ultimately given further to someone by your mom.

  • What are your wardrobe staples — this list includes the basic items needed for daily wear. Colour picks such as black, white, beige, blue. Apparel buys such as, printed tops, shirts, kurtis, leggings, dress, jeans and salwars. Classic Styles include the mandarin necks, collared styles, 3/4th sleeves, A-line cuts.
  • Begin Hunting — we all have our favorite brands; the first point to stop and shop! However, given the huge variety of options online and at the retail stores, you must compare and then shop. Online stores these days are offering trendy and classic styles of women apparel at reasonable prices. What grab more attention are the heavy discount offers and other deals they give to their customers. Daily wear picks and semi-formal clothes can be easily shopped from the online portals. The starting price is as low as Rs299/ these days when you shop online.
  • Buy on Sale — Shopaholics can always target the end of season sale or the sale section that run 365 days for most brands these days. This works when you are on budget. Online stores always have a Sale section where you may find some great deals at times on dresses, suits, tops or accessories. Don’t forget to check the coupon sites for any additional discounts.


  • Keep clothes that give you a great look — we may like most designs we pick but what matters is does it suit us well? We must target buying only those items that offer the look we desire.

Following these 4 steps might be of some help in building a fashionable wardrobe with wanted apparel in your closet.

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Evening Casual Attire for Women

Casual evenings more closely know as coffee or earring drinking sessions for women after work or college are surely less formal than the strict evening parties. The attire you wear depends on the number of people meeting and the venue. When meeting your BFF’s for a gossip session, you surely want to look smart. By this, we do not mean wear the lovely gowns in your wardrobe or be boring to wear the same clothes you wore to work; instead dress up for casual evenings. Today we will share a few tips about how to dress for evenings out with friends.

  • Given the winter season, what works well for a causal outfit is a pretty dress styled with slacks and a cape or a sweater. Fashion with nice boots and a wool cap?
  • In general, Knee-length dresses in dark shades or prints look good. Accessorize with a nice satchel bag and a scarf or a neckpiece. Complete the look with pretty ballerinas or wedges depending on where you are going.
  • Woollen skirt with a plain tee and a jacket is a great pick! Knee-length boots are surely an add-on.
  • Not so wintery evening picks include pastel shades tops in mandarin necks or boat style fashioned with jeans or skirts.
  • Dark printed kurtis styled with fitted leggings are a comfortable option too. May be wear jhumkis or floral tops to add glamour to the look.

Untitled-4 - Copy

  • A-Line kurtis designed in chiffon and cotton fabrics styled with plain dupatta and leggings are a good option to wear on a causal outing. Accessorize with earrings or 2 bangles that offer an elegant look to the attire.


  • Suit lovers can choose to wear kilol print suits or woollen suits with shawls. Fashion with nice kolhapuri chappals and a nice pair of earrings.

Untitled-5 - Copy

Colour picks include the dark shades such as, black, navy, maroon, mustard and dark floral prints. Light shades of pink, white, aqua are for the day.

We at UPTOWNGALERIA offer wide variety of women ethnic wear and western wear apparel for women. Check out our collection and buy floral tops, kurtis, dresses, skirts at www.uptowngaleria.com.

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